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SCHMIDT® Electric Press


SCHMIDT® ElectricPress 43 Automation
The Component for your Automation

  • Extremely Energy Efficient
  • Integration Friendly
  • Drive Profile Repeatability
  • All-electric

The SCHMIDT® ElectricPress is PLC controlled and does not require compressed air or hydraulic pressure. It can be easily and quickly integrated into automated systems.

The SCHMIDT® ElectricPress can be parameterized and loaded with up to 14 different drive sets; each with position, speed and acceleration/deceleration ramp with the SCHMIDT® EP Assistant software.

Parameterized drive sets are stored inside the integrated motor electronics. To optimize application specific assembly processes, drive sets can be selected individually with any external PLC to create adisplacement profile. This requires only 4 outputs and2 inputs.

SCHMIDT® ElectricPress offers: 4 kN maximum force, 150 mm/s maximum speed, and 100 mm stroke.


SCHMIDT® Electric Press

Technical Data ElectricPress 43
Force F max. 4 kN / 890 lbs
Force F 100 % continuous run 2.5 kN / 560 lbs
Ram Stroke 100 mm / 3,937 inch
Ram Speed max. 150 mm/s
Drive Resolution < 1 µm / 0.0000394 inch
Decibel Level 60 dB A
Power Supply
  Motor Power
  Logic Unit
42 V DC / 13 A (25 A max.)
24 V DC / 0.,5 A
H x D x W 333 x 362 x 207 mm
Weight 35 kg / 77.16 pound

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