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SCHMIDT® Electric Press


SCHMIDT® ElectricPress 43/45
with PressControl 75 and SafetyModule

Full programmable non-monitoring motion controlled press for manual workstation with EC type approved safety technology

EP43-PRC75-TH (two hand safety with mounted to PU20 workstation)


  • Two-Hand or Light curtain based EC type approved safety circuit via safety module
  • 24 customer defined part specific dataset profiles, stored in the PressControl 75 system allowing for
    o Press to
          • exact position (closed loop control stroke)
          • to final force (determined by motor current) to
          •press to position but interrupt if force is exceeded
          • press to force but interrupt if position is exceeded
    o Hold to dwell time, up to 999 sec.
    o Fully programmable speeds
  • Jog feature in either position or force mode for set-up of parts
  • (4) additional fixed field I/O with preset programming for
    o cycle permissive
    o ram retract on external input
    o part blow off after cycle complete
    o pneumatic slide table functionality.

SCHMIDT® PressControl 75 for quick set-up or rapid changeover and easy programming of press parameters; stores up to 24 datasets

Technical Data ElectricPress 43M
Force F max. 4 kN / 890 lbs
Force F 100 % continuous run 2.5 kN / 560 lbs
Ram Stroke 100 mm / 3.937 inch
Ram Speed max. 150 mm/s / 5.9 in/s
Power Supply
1 x 90 to 240VAC / 13 A (22 A max.)
H x D x W 333 x 362 x 207 mm
Weight 35 kg / 77.16 pound*
Technical Data ElectricPress 45M
Force F max. 10 kN / 2,250 lbs
Force F 100 % continuous run 6 kN / 1,350 lbs
Ram Stroke 150 mm / 5.905 inch
Ram Speed max. 150 mm/s / 5.9 in/s
Power Supply
1 x 90 to 230VAC / 6 A (12 A max.)
H x D x W 530 x 275 x 682 mm
Weight 52 kg / 115 pound

*Weight of modular head only.

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