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SCHMIDT® Manual Press Accessories

Arbor Press Return Stroke Lock
Patented return stroke lock

Micrometer Screw for Manual Pinion Presses
Micrometer screw for pinion presses

Fine Adjustment for Manual Toggle Presses
Fine adjustment for toggle presses

Centering Block for Precise Alignment

Centering Block for more precise alignment



SCHMIDT® Accessories for Arbor Presses
No. 1 to 19 and No. 305 to 311

Customize your press and choose the accessories in order to suit your requirements:
  • The return stroke lock guarantees reaching the required pressing depth with every stroke.
  • Micrometer Fine Adjustment for rack and pinion presses.
  • Fine adjustment with micrometer scale for toggle presses
  • Mechanical counter
  • Throat extension block
  • Special fixture mounting plates
  • Ergonomic left-handed design
  • Nickel plated design
  • Ergonomic handle

Ergonomic Handles for Rack & Pinion and Toggle Presses
Ergonomic handle for both rack and pinion and toggle presses

Part Present Sensor for Rack & Pinion Presses
For No. 3-6 rack & pinion presses. Typically used with parts present sensor as a cycle permissive



Return Assist Spring
Return assist gas spring

Calibration Tool
Calibration tool

 SCHMIDT® Accessories for Presses
No. 305 to 311

  • Return assist gas spring
  • CAN bus node
  • I/O distribution board
  • External Reset Button
  • Upper Tooling Adapter
  • Calibration tool

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