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Pneumatic Press Monitoring

Force & Stroke Monitor with SCHMIDT® Press Control 600


Toggle Press and Press Control Monitor

Press Force and Stroke Measurement

From 950 lbs. to 9,650 lbs.
Throat depth from 5.16" to 6.30"
Working height from 5.51" to 18.11"

SCHMIDT® Pneumatic Presses with force/stroke monitoring are offered as a complete system with control unit SCHMIDT® Press Control 600. These systems are characterized by sensors and signal amplification integrated in the press head. These signals are evaluated in real time.


  • Direct forces are measured due to the force sensor integrated in the ram. Not affected by side forces

  • Signal readings are not affected by outside interference

  • A measuring data amplification integrated in the press head provides short transmission paths of unamplified signals

  • Anti-rotational rectangular ram with fully adjustable, Teflon lined gibs for precise travel. No die set required

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