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Pneumatic Toggle Press

Pneumatic Toggle Press No. 32
No. 32

Fine Adjustment for Pneumatic Toggle Press No. 32
Fine adjustment for press No. 33

Pneumatic Toggle Press No. 36
No. 36

Fine Adjustment for Pneumatic Toggle Presses 34 and 36
Fine adjustment No. 34 and No. 36

Rectangular Ram for Pneumatic Toggle Presses
Rectangular ram

From 3,375 lbs. to 13,490 lbs.
Throat depth from 3.39" to 7.87"
Working height from 3.54" to 23.62"

SCHMIDT® Pneumatic Toggle Presses are available with round or square ram in order to avoid torsion.


  • Maximum force at stroke end

  • Maintenance-free cylinder unit specially developed for the assembly technology; with flow control for speed regulation of the downstroke

  • The working height of the press head can be rapidly & accurately adjusted due to the height adjustment’s ease of use. Can be used without the frame as processing station in automated installations

  • Fine adjustment for press No. 33 with scale 1 division line = 0.02 mm / .001"

  • Fine adjustment for press No. 34 and No. 36 with scale 1 division line = 0.05 mm / .002"

  • Ram with precision bore for tool holding and built-in adjustable stop

  • Round anti-rotational ram (No. 32 and No. 33)

  • Anti-rotational rectangular ram with fully adjustable, Teflon lined gibs for precise travel, no die set required (No. 34 - 36)

  • Frame with precision machined press head guide rails

  • Fixture mounting plate with precision T-slot and bore for tool location.


  • Assembling, riveting, staking, swaging, crimping, marking, numbering, deforming, stamping, dismantling

  • High force over a short press stroke

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