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Force Output and Press Stroke


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Force output and press stroke are important parameters for evaluating the quality of pressed assemblies. The data of these measurements are recorded during the process and displayed by the software as force/stroke behavior curve F/s, F/t or s/t. Freely definable tolerances in form of force/stroke windows and stroke tolerances are provided for quality assurance of the assembly process. Using the SCHMIDT® PRCHMI software installed on the SCHMIDT® PRC5000 or SCHMIDT® PRC600 controls, up to 12 tolerances, any type, can be defined for each part specific dataset. With the help of these criteria, quality critical areas can be monitored selectively. If the tolerances in the monitored curve areas are not met, application-specific interventions can be carried out (e. g. selection measures). Using the SCHMIDT® PRCHMI software, it is easy to create tolerance criteria and to monitor curve characteristics in detail. For an evaluation of the characteristics, the working stroke and the return stroke are important. The high resolution of our measurement systems allows a large number of measuring points that are required for a process-safe evaluation. Zoom and individual point measuring functions are integrated into the software allowing detailed documentation about the assembly processes.

Process Analysis Example - Force/Stroke Window with Curve and Tolerances

Defining Tolerances Function:

Detailed Tolerance Editing

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