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OPC Data Exchange and Process Visualization

OPC - OLE for Process Control



SCHMIDT® OPC Data exchange via the de facto automation standard

In the field of automation, the data communication, using coordinated systems and the reference level, is becoming increasingly important. OPC defines a manufacturer-independent interface.
All parties participating in the communication must only support this interface. The OPC-capable components can be combined just like elements of a construction kit.

Example: Process visualization
OPC connects all production machines (with industry PC-based control [IPC]) of a production area to a process visualization. This achieves impressive outcomes:

  • Centralization of fault and operating messages
  • Unique message system for all machines
  • Individual user interface design

OPC Data Exchange System
Example: Process data evaluation by means of MS Office application
With OPC, a direct transfer of production-specific data to MS Office applications, such as Microsoft Excel™ or Microsoft Access™, is possible.
OPC Interface 1
OPC Interface 2
Linked production line

The following possibilities result from the central control of a production line:

  • Central operation of the entire production line
  • Integration of all production machines in overall transport systems (lifting bars, conveyors, etc.)
  • Transfer of all relevant data, such as workpiece type, processing state, etc., from one machine to another
  • Production results influence the process of the following machine
  • Measurement results correct tool wear of preceding machines

OPC Tools - Linked Production Line

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