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SCHMIDT Press Control 5000

SCHMIDT® Press Control 5000


Control Unit SCHMIDT® Press Control 5000 is a control unit for the operation of compact, standardized single press systems as well as complex, highly flexible and automated systems. The construction and expansion of assembly lines is considerably simplified using SCHMIDT® Press Control 5000 in connection with SCHMIDT® Servo Press modules. All configuration and operation parameters are managed and documented via the control unit SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000.

Features of the SCHMIDT® Press Control 5000 RT

  • Modular; can be networked
  • Space-saving integration in the control panel
  • Processing of all process data in real time
  • In-process Quality Assurance without further periphery equipment
  • Open communication with the periphery:
    - CANopen
    - Profibus DP
    - DeviceNet (optional via external gateway)
    - Ethernet, optional WLAN
  • Communication with other systems:
    - Master SPS
    - ERP
    - CAQ / statistic system
  • Control up to 6 Servo Press modules or NC axis via CANopen
  • Multi-functional process control PLC for an individual design of process. The processor scan time is 1 ms, regardless of program length. The PLC controls the process in real time, based on constant communication with the Process Data Acquisition and the CNC feedback.
  • Integration of more than 2000 I/O’s
  • Integrated Process Data Acquisition and process monitoring
  • Connection to database server possible via Ethernet
  • Permanent use of the operating panel SCHMIDT® Press Control 5000 HMI (or third party HMI) or temporary use of commercial PC (e.g. laptop) for parameterization, programming, service, diagnosis while commissioning and debugging, as well as process analyses and -optimizations (snapshot of the ongoing production)

Features of the SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000 HMI

  • High-resolution process visualization via 19" TFT display for the depiction of several processes
  • Individual design of the user interface, e.g. in connection with other system components
  • Direct access to curve graph
  • User-friendly, intuitive menu guidance via touchscreen
  • Operating modes:
    - Set-up mode via integrated, high-resolution hand-wheel function (mechanical)
    - Cycle mode via function key
  • Integrated hand wheel (for set-up mode):
    Can switch to any CNC axis with selectable resolution­ to simplify set-up of an operation. The press ram can approach a desired target based on distance or force increments via hand wheel.
  • Number pad via integrated membrane keypad for the input of numerical values and choice of functions
  • Function keys/softkeys:
    Presets a freely programmable membrane keys to simplify handling.
  • Track ball, substitutes an integrated mouse, robust element adapted to any work environment
  • Industry-compatible, even in harsh environments
  • Protection class IP 54

SCHMIDT Press Control 5000

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