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SCHMIDT® Press Control 75


SCHMIDT® PressControl 75
Compact Functionality

Highly compact yet multifunctional SCHMIDT® PressControl 75 Available for these press systems:
SCHMIDT ® ElectricPress
SCHMIDT ® PneumaticPress
SCHMIDT ® HydroPneumaticPress

Its easy and intuitive touchscreen allows for quick and efficient process set-up or change-over. Process specific data can be stored in up to 24 datasets.

The SCHMIDT® SafetyModule allows the design of manual workstations with safety technology that meets the latest global standards for two-hand cycle initiation, guarding or light-curtain protection.

Technical Data
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Current < 3 A
Operating temperature 0 - 40 °C
Protection class IP 54
Interfaces RK512 protocol
  I / O: 4 digital in- and outputs (preset for operation modes)
  CANopen for PRC - Gateway or CANopen Compact Box IP 2401
Electrical connections All connections are pluggable
Display 2,8" TouchScreen
  Process informationen
Operation 4 funktions keys
  3 languages
Modes of operation Two-hand release with SafetyModule
  Light curtain with SafetyModule
  Start button for operation without SafetyModule
  Workpiece control
  Activation of sliding table
  Return stroke initation with external signal
Operating functions Piece- or preselection counter
  Set-up mode
  BDC dwell time
  User Management
  Blow-out / blow-off
Dimensions 90 x 120 x 60 (h * w * d)
Mounting Fastening screws, optional magnet holder


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Press Control 75
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