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Database Software for Presses

SCHMIDT® DataBase is an optional software for the modular control system SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000 or SCHMIDT®  PressControl 600. The database software is used for storing and analyzing the data of the control system – process specifications and process results – particularly under quality assurance aspects.

SCHMIDT® DataBase differentiates between productive and archive database and is equipped with a data export function. The target systems which are relevant for the data export, e.g. quality management programs for Statistical Process Control or Excel, will be operated via data interface. The exported data will be stored in a format which is compatible with the target application. Then the file will be read and processed by the target application. The automated data export happens time-controlled, periodically. The procedure of this periodical action will be done under control of the Windows task schedule.

SCHMIDT® DataBase is interesting for user which have to archive the production data for several years, e.g. for safety relevant parts. Furthermore it can be used to demonstrate the process capability. The data evaluation is done by customer’s existing quality management systems. The software can be used for single workstations as well as for multiple workstations, i.e.  the front end can be installed and used on several Windows computers. The service will be installed only on one computer.
An easy-to-use professional product for data analysis and quality assurance is available for the users now.

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