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PLC Controller Interface

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Software development tools for Press Control 600 and 5000

PLC process control

The PLC processes signals or values. Apart from this basic function provided with standard PLC systems, our control also carries out a large number of tasks and decisions that influence the process.

Features of the PLC editor:

  • Easy troubleshooting due to cyclical and static debugger
  • Easy overview due to separate debug window
  • Commonly used operands (inputs/outputs, words, flags, etc.) are listed
  • Useful search function
  • Function-oriented programming
PLC Resources Editor

PLC Resources editor

A resources editor is provided as programming interface, which supports the easy and structured creation of instruction sets. The description of the operands by user-defined symbols facilitates an easy overview. In addition, many pre-defined functions simplify programming.

Unlimited customizations of the user interface

  • Process output window, clear and unambiguous interface for the user with dynamic and static text and graphic display
  • Clear instructions for the user to intervene in the process, e. g. by pressing a function key
  • Unrestricted definition and labeling of function keys
  • Application specific text output (e. g. as supplement to the process output for the administrator) and parameter entry
PLC Editor

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