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Nickel Plated Toggle Press

Peak Load Monitor



Nickel Plated Presses
Most SCHMIDT presses can be made available fully nickel plated for cleanroom applications.

SQM700 Peak Load Monitor with TT44 Load Cell

The SQM700 Peak Load Monitor can be preset to high and low limits. Peak force is captured during the press cycle, then compared to preset limits. Based on the result, a relay output is set. Fault conditions need to be reset. Beginning and end of monitoring window can be defined via force threshold, position sensor input or a combination of the two. Load cell is sold seperately.

Specifications for SQM700 Monitor:
- 6 Digit Display
- Single channel operation
- Power supply: 110 / 220 VAC
- Ready for ram positioning switch interface
- NO / NC relay status output
- Peak hold
- Non-linearity: 0.02% full scale
- Peak capture rate: 33Hz probe trigger
- Peak capture rate: 6Hz threshold trigger

TT44 Load Cell / Tool Holder: This load cell can easily be installed in the press ram. The load cell essentially is a 2" extension of the press ram, as there is a precision shank on the top side and a bore on the bottom side of the same diameter as the ram bore.

Specifications for TT44 Load Cell:
- Capacities 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 15K, OR 22K lb.
- Output: 2 mV/V
- Non-linearity: 0.25% full scale
- Non-repeatability: 0.01% full scale
- Deflection at maximum load: 0.001 inch
- 5 ft stainless steel metal flex hose and sensor cable

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