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Longitudinal Slide Table
 SCHMIDT® ST 45 P Longitudinal slide table
Lateral Slide Table with adapter plate for fastening on the press table
SCHMIDT® ST 45 P Lateral slide table with adapter plate for fastening on the press table
Manual Slide Table with bow-type handle
SCHMIDT® Slide table ST45 with bow-type handle, manual

Slide Tables


SCHMIDT® slide tables are specially designed for the high forces of press systems and where a position requires high precision against an adjustable stop. It is an economic solution for tall parts and for placement of parts outside of the danger area. They can be mounted, depending on the type, both in longitudinal and lateral positions, and can be adapted for automated processes.


  • Cross roller bearings for high-precision guidance
  • Play-free adjustment of the table guidance is possible
  • Maintains its working position via pneumatic cylinders
  • Position detection of the slide table via integrated sensors.
  • Integrated shock absorbers cushion impact at end positions
  • Positioning via pneumatic cylinders in automatic mode
  • The press stroke is activated only when the slide is in its proper position.

Cross Roller Slide Table

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