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SCHMIDT® Press Station


The SCHMIDT® Workstation offers a safe base for the vibration-free installation of all SCHMIDT® Press systems. They are designed as seated workstations according to the latest ergonomic guidelines.

The basic structure is a robust welded frame that is coated with RAL 7024 graphite grey. All sufaces are coated with RAL 7035 light-grey. The adjustable legs allow a height adjustment of 60 mm. The table top is made of duplex laminated wood.

The SCHMIDT® PU 10 Workstation offers a good base for integrating further automation components such as workpiece clamping devices, feeding units, separating units, etc.


  • Adjustable foot support
  • Four casters, two of them swivel, two fixed (not height-adjustable)
  • Standing workstation
  • Aluminum table top (flat, sand-blasted or anodized)
  • Nickel-plated steel table top
  • Plastic-coated table top

The supporting spacers for the table top are adapted to the press frame configuration and are available for C-Frame, gantry and rotary indexing systems.

Height as seated workstation: 820-880 mm, with casters 920 mm

Height in standing position: 1020-1070 mm, with casters 1110 mm

SCHMIDT® Press Base

SCHMIDT® Pess Base PU 20 and PU 40 for a safe and vibration-proof installation of all SCHMIDT ® Press Systemes.

Both press bases are available in two versions:

  • Fixed columns with height adjustable in 10 mm (0.4") increments from 780 to 1080 mm (30.7" to 42.5")
  • Infinitely variable motorized height adjustment from 725 to 1075 mm (28.5" to 42.3")

SCHMIDT® Pressenuntergestell PU 20, infinitely variable motorized height adjustment
SCHMIDT® Press Base PU 20, infinitely variable motorized height adjustment

SCHMIDT® Pressenuntergestell PU 20, fixed columns
SCHMIDT® Press Base PU 40, fixed columns

SCHMIDT® Pressenuntergestell PU 40, infinitely variable motorized height adjustment
SCHMIDT® Press Base PU 40, infinitely variable motorized height adjustment

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