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Clearance Items

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Clearance Items


Clearance items consist of discounted presses and/or accessories that are very close to new condition, but cannot be sold as new presses or press accessory.
In most cases these assembly presses have been to trade shows or traveled on our SCHMIDT Express road show, and need to be replaced with the latest and greatest in press technology.


  • Most assembly presses have never been used in a production environment
  • May have minor blemishes, far from signs of major use
  • All presses have been tested to meet factory specifications

Very few models are green (previous color.) However, the condition is no different than a newer gray model.


  • 180 days on mechanical components
  • 30 days on control components (pneumatic or electric)
  • The warranty covers material and labor for repairs at SCHMIDT site. Customer site repair will need to be quoted separately

If you wish, we can add new controls and other accessories as suitable to these presses. To discuss your specific needs with a SCHMIDT Technology representative, call us here at 724-772-4600 or email us at

If you would like a detailed proposal on any of the presses listed, please reference the ID and Part Number.

Special pricing only applies to items listed
while supplies last.

Dimensional Drawings


Part Description ID Discount from Current list Price* Year of Manufacture Color
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TT44-15KLB 96 15% N/A N/A
Ergonomic Workstation 400195.US 120 10% 2010 N/A
PRC201 132 10% 2008  
PRC201 141 10% 2008  
STU 45 P 133 15% 2008  
Pneumatic Presses Direct Acting
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No. 27M-1K 160 123 15% 2004 White
PRC70LV-PP2 130 10% 2011  
Manual Presses with Process Monitoring
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No. 307K 131 15% 2008 White
No. 307 139 20% 2004 White
Servo Press
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No. 405M 140 15% 2004 White

*Please feel free contact Schmidt Technology corp. at 724-772-4600
or email for current list prices.

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