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SCHMIDT® Torque Press 520


SCHMIDT® Torque Press 520
Torque-Power for Servo Press

Driven by a newly developed torque motor, the SCHMIDT TorquePress 520 is the perfect press for high precision applications.

The new drive technology offers high press force capacities at a much lower inertia. Combining this motor technology with a direct drive system provides an increase in the system force and positioning precision. In addition to the precision gained by a direct torque motor based drive system, the elimination of belts and gears also mean lower maintenance and fewer spare parts.

Innovative Drive

High dynamic, low moment of inertia
In comparison to high ratio servo and gear motor system, a torque motor has a lower moment of inertia and thereby a high dynamic. This allows for faster acceleration/deceleration rates which will reduce cycle times.

Constantly High Torque
Do to the polarity design of a torque motor, the maximum torque is reached at lower speeds. This allows the motor to keep cooler for longer periods, providing the ability to reach and hold a peak load for a longer time (peak load can be held in accordance with S-3 operating mode).

Constant High Speed
Due to the high number of poles in a torque motor design, speed consistency is improved by a factor of 10 when compared with conventional servo motor drives, resulting in higher machine precision.

Easy integration

Compact and Space-Saving
Due to the small flange size (160mm/6.3"), total length (1100mm/43") and flange mount design, the SCHMIDT TorquePress 520 is it easy to interface into automation systems.

Fully Integrated Process Data Acquisition
The SCHMIDT TorquePress 520 uses an integrated load cell (measures direct ram forces) and an absolute position measurement system, that measures physical ram location to a resolution of 0.1um. Combining these with our integrated force/stroke monitoring system and true closed loop position and force control, this system provides unparalleled accuracy, precision and process control.

Module Interface
The exchange of data between the SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 or SCHMIDT® Press Control 5000 and a host PLC via Ethernet IP, ProfiBus, ProfiNet, Ethercat or similar protocols permits easier and more flexible interface to this system. The user is free to select our pre-defined axis motion profiles or to have direct access to control position, speed, force and other parameters. In addition, the system provides live force and position feedback, process results and additional data that can be used as necessary.

The SCHMIDT TorquePress 520 is available in two variations. The first is for automated systems in which a higher level PLC will control a complete line. The second will be for a manual workcells that uses SCHMIDT Technology's completely redundant and globally accepted safety technology.

Technical Data TorquePress 520M
Force F max. 20 kN / 4,495 lbs
Force F 100 % continuous run 10 kN / 2,250 lbs
Ram Stroke 250 mm / 9.842 inch
Ram Speed max. 260 mm/s or 10.24 in/s @ 10kN
130 mm/s or 5.118 in/s @ 20kN
Resolution PDA


6.25N / 1.405 lb.
4 µm / 0.00015"
Power Supply
3x400-480VAC / 16A
L x W x D 1100x160x315 mm
Weight 95 kg / 210 lbs.

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