Snap fit fuel rail

This fuel rail consists of two stampings that are snap fit together before brazing. Well guided tooling will ensure precise and parallel press operation.

Snap fit terminals in electrical housing

Electrical contacts and terminals are often times snap fit into a plastic housing. Appropriate tooling is necessary in order to guide all components properly during the insertion process.

Snap fit roller on to clip

A plastic assembly including two rollers are snap fit together. The press ensures proper press depth. The proper installation can be monitored to ensure correct assemblies.

Snap fit in to steel stamping

A plastic grommet is snap fit into
a metal stamping. Simple tooling can ensure proper alignment and prevent damage of the plastic component during installation.

Snap fit cap onto tube

Snap fit and squeezing / crimping is part of the fluid filter assembly process. The filter used in chemical and medical industry consists of five components. Multiple assemblies can be processed simultaneously.