Forming of stamping

Forming of a stamping to a welded wire produces this fastening loop for the cargo area in a vehicle. Folding and forming a tab may be accomplished in one or two steps.

Dental tool forming

A variety of medical and dental tools can be cold formed. A precision forming die is used together with typically high forces to achieve the desired shape.

Bending shunt terminal

Folding of metal tabs is an ideal application for a Schmidt Direct Acting Press. Depending on the application, multiple tabs can be formed in one cycle with the appropriate tooling.

Bend and form electrical contact

Forming and bending of electrical contacts, reeds often requires good stroke and sometimes speed control. An easy task for a direct acting or even toggle press.

Bending automotive floor hook

This stamping is open so the ring can be installed. Once pre-assembled, the stamping will be closed in one operation.