Cut silicon disk

Cutting of approximately 12 mm silicon discs out of a coil fed strip. All features shown on the silicon disc are cut in one cycle.

Trim plastic package

Clam shell packages can easily cut open with a steel rule die. This tooling is used for opening sealed packages.

Steel rule die

Steel rule dies are very cost effective, easily adapted to any Schmidt Technology press and ideal for cutting of many materials like card board, plastic, sheet, paper, silicon, etc.

Laser guide to aid alignment on steel rule die

Steel rule die is mounted to the press ram. A large piece of tissue can be placed on the cutting pad. Laser indicators are used as an aid for placing the material to be cut. The cutting pad can be relocated for the next cut.

Cutting with steel rule die

A nickel plated press with steel rule die to cut tissue. The large cutting pad can be manually located to get multiple cuts out of one piece of tissue.


Cutting tissue

Cutting of tissue via steel rule die. The steel rule die is interchangeable so a variety of shapes can be cut.