Press bearing onto shaft

Pressing of rotor into bearings inside motor housing. Proper guidance and support of the individual internal components is critical in order to prevent damage to the bearings during the assembly process.

Press worm and flywheel to motor shaft

Worm and flywheel is installed in one operation. A precision gap between motor housing and flywheel was critical. Proper combination of tooling and press delivers a consistent gap.

Press bearing inside alternator

Part of rebuilding alternators is installation and removal of bearings. With appropriate tooling and press, both operations can be handled in one station.

Press multiple bushings

Bushing installation into transmission case and transmission cover. Multiple bushings are pressed to precision depth, regardless of manufacturing tolerances. Individual insertion force monitoring of each bushing. Bushing orientation is maintained

Battery terminal insert

Battery terminal with a threaded insert is automatically assembled. Proper orientation is verified prior to insertion of the threaded insert.


Freeze plug and seal cap installation

Freeze plugs, seal caps can easily be inserted individually on in multiples. Insertion depth can be controlled by the press or tooling, depending on customer requirements.

Press multiple pins into shaft

Multiple pins can be installed in shaft or rod. Tooling will properly guide each component during insertion process. Automatic feeding of pins is possible.

Bicycle pedal assembly

The threaded shaft was inserted into this plastic pedal. Correct insertion depth is verified via integrated sensor in the press.

Battery housing and cover

The cover or cap is pressed into a variety of battery cases prior to brazing and sealing the battery case to the cover.

Carburator bearing installation

Installation of bearings, seal caps and pins into carburator assemblies.


Oriented helical gear assembly

Two gears are accurately aligned prior, and guided during the press process. Timing marks are placed by the press on gears that pass the in-process inspection. One station can accommodate a variety of gear assemblies via interchangeable tooling.

Insert bushing and compression limiter

Installation of compression limiter bushings can be done with very simple tooling, while controlling the press stroke. Multiple compression limiters can be installed simultaneously.

Press seal ring

Installation of a metal seal ring onto flange. The seal ring can be pressed only or secured via stake once pressed to a depth.

Press fittings to valve body

Installation of fittings can be a press fit operation. Verification of correct fitting in correct location can be handled automatically with appropriate sensors.

Pinion gear assembly

Small pinion - gear assembly, used in window lifter motors. Pin is pressed to accurate depth. Insertion force is monitored to ensure proper interference.


Self lubricating bushing installation

Press fit of a variety of bushings, including guide bushing, teflon bushing, liners, etc. Insertion force can be monitored to detect when damage may occur during the insertion process. This is an ideal application for Schmidt Direct Acting Presses

Split bushing installation

A motor shaft guide bushing is installed into a plastic end cap.