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SCHMIDT Manual Press, Pneumatic Press, Hyfro-Pneumatic Press and Servo Press

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Today, SCHMIDT® presses stand for first-class assembly technology worldwide. This applies both to stand-alone machines and to assembly modules integrated in complex automation lines.

SCHMIDT Technology, a leader in intelligent assembly, has the most comprehensive product range of all manufacturers in this market segment. Together with SCHMIDT presses the safety and control technology of the SCHMIDT® Press Control sets standards due to its system philosophy, force/stroke monitoring and integrated measurement technology.

A continuous process control and the essential ISO-conforming documentation are the tools for high productivity in today’s efficient assembly. These performance features make SCHMIDT Technology the undisputed technological leader in the field of precision assembly today.

This is the basis for the excellent reputation of SCHMIDT Technology, specifically in key sectors such as automobile technology, aerospace technology, electrics/electronics, micromechanics and medical technology.

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