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SCHMIDT® PRC Gateway - Discrete Only I/O-Interface

The SCHMIDT® PRC Gateway serves as a link between SCHMIDT® Press Systems and a system control (PLC). It has two CANopen-ports with 24 V-power supply for the SCHMIDT® Control (Master) and the optional process data acquisition (Slave). The integrated 24V-Interface with 16 in- and 16 outputs can not only be used for communication with a system control, also further applications can be realized, e. g. slide table, work piece control, part recognition, etc. The I/O's are short-circuit-proof as well as overload-proof and there is a status LED for each in-/output as well as for the CAN-Bus. Furthermore the PRC Gateway has a connectivity for the optional handwheel as handheld for the SCHMIDT® ServoPresses, ElectricPresses or TorquePress

The SCHMIDT® PRC Gateway is especially designed to meet the requirements of an automation and provides the opportunity to integrate SCHMIDT® Press Systems very easy. The compact design with top hat rail mounting for the switch cabinet, as well as the simple and service friendly access to the electrical connections facilitate the handling. Moreover all cables and connection assemblies are made of normed parts with standardized assignments, therefore installation errors can be avoided by the operator.

AnyBus Gateway for interface using:

The SCHMIDT® Press Control 600 and 5000 works with the fieldbus system CANopen. In integrated systems, often data transfer with host control units must be carried out. The SCHMIDT® PressControl5000RT Control has an integrated ProfiBus connection and SCHMIDT offers packages for both the SCHMIDT® PressControl5000 and SCHMIDT® PressControl600 controls using a CANbus to AnyBus gateway if ProfiNet or Ethernet IP is desired. Using these devices, SCHMIDT Technology can provide a data area, in which both sides can write, or from which both sides can read. Thus, an application-specific data exchange can be realized. The gateway behaves on both sides as a slave. The update rate of the CANopen side is 5 ms.

Additional Field I/O

For customer who desire combinations of discrete and analog I/O and do not what a Bus/Net based system, SCHMIDT can offer interface through CANbus capable bus couplers that provide a wide range of capabilities for interface

SCHMIDT® Standard Interface Programming

The communication with coordinated control system is realized via a standardized interface programs with SCHMIDT® Press Control 600 and Press Control 5000

All relevant system states as well as "failed" productions are transferred from one control to another via a simple signal transfer.

All standard physical interfaces, such as I/O interface, and/or CAN-PROFIBUS/ProfiNet/Ethernet IP can be used for signal transfer with the automation environment.

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