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SCHMIDT® Torque Press 200
Torque-Power for Servo Press

High-dynamic, powerful and low operation costs – these are the advantages of using a torque motor in the new SCHMIDT® Torque Press 200 with 200 kN nominal force and 500 mm stroke.

Torque motors are used for fast and precise movement and positioning tasks and make high forces possible. Due to the hollow shaft design mechanical elements such as gears, clutches or belts are not necessary. These components, when operated under load, are subject to considerable wear, and since these elements are not present in the torque press there is a substantial savings in maintenance costs. A very ridgid construction and the production of high forces with no mechanical force augmentation result in an excellent overall performance dynamic.

Compared to high ratio electric motor driven presses the SCHMIDT® Torque Press 200 has much lower inertia and therefore a much faster acceleration and deceleration. The noise level remains remarkably low under all load conditions.

SCHMIDT® Torque Press 200, like all Schmidt Servo Presses, is permanently load stable due to its active temperature-controlled cooling. A mechanical overload protection is automatically activated when the maximum force of 250 kN has been exceeded.

SCHMIDT® Torque Press 200 features a highly precise, wear-free ram roller-guide, an integrated fail-safe force-stroke monitoring, and a true closed loop force control integrated in the drive control (continuous force control).

The integrated two-channel category 4 safety technology allows the EC-type approval for complete systems, which is required for manual load work stations.


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